Commitment to Sustainability

We sell only responsibly-sourced seafood. Sustainable sourcing will allow us all to continue eating delicious seafood long into to the future, while also protecting our water-based ecosystems. Hissho is committed to doing our part to better serve our customers and the planet.

Highest Quality Ingredients, Made Fresh Daily

We know that great tasting food starts with the highest quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients. All of our offerings are made fresh daily to ensure customers receive the freshest product.

Hands-On Training and Multi-Faceted Support

Hissho is a tribe of passionate food lovers dedicated to providing industry-leading, crave-worthy flavors and products. Our franchise partners are the heart and soul of our business, and we invest in your success. We train, equip and support franchissees through every step of the journey to achieve success. (Add more details of what this involves)

& Brand Awareness

A marketing team is dedicated to bringing the Hissho story to our customers through in-store support, social media, digital channels, SEO location optimization and more!

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Roll With Us?

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